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Hi there! I played your game and thought it was rather funny. But I think I found a bug. I chose the nude option, but then later the game asked me whether to take the clothes off or leave them on. Haha I tried looking for a pm option to let you know, but I couldn't really find one. sorry about that.

Oh crap Dx, i didn't realize about that. Thanks for letting me know. And I'm glad you liked it, though most of it just popped in my head as i wrote it xD Just made it up as I go.

haha no problem. I was wondering why the cashier didn't even care when buying the tea and stuff, then i realized that it was probably a bug when i got back to the house.

I think I fixed it. It wasn't really a bug, just something I overlooked. Thanks for notifying me about it ^^ So I wonder which part was your favorite. Plus most of this wasn't even written beforehand. I just made it up as I wrote it xD

Btw, since it's Christmas being naked isn't a bother since barely anyone is around x3

Well, that sure went off the rails quickly.

Welp. that's what you get for a story upon the eve of Christmas x3 some batshit crazy WTF weirdness.

Hello I would love to put all the games from the My First Game Jam: Winter 2017 on my youtube and just wanted to ask you for permission!

Go right ahead ^^