Kuro is a young cat who dreams of becoming a mage. Once day a message arrives, and he gets accepted into the dungeon program. And so his adventure begins, what lies before him is unknown. He will meet many adventurers along the way, and might find love too.

But you decide how the story goes! Will he find love? Fufill his dream? Or break under the pressure of getting through the many ordeals ahead?

Your story, your choices!!

Characters and Concept created by Baraking.

This is a demo build for a visual novel that I plan to make in the future. Donations would be nice too to help fund this ^^

I'm looking for an artist who can draw character portraits and backrounds. As well as an artist who can draw key scenes in this story as well.

If you would like to discuss more details about this, then my contact info is down below. I'm always checking my messages every day.




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