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What happened to the hawkman?

What do you mean?

nvm i found it i just looked deep and found the game

Full opinion poorly stated in video but the TL:DR is, I'm pretty sure the game is actually not able to be completed. The insane amount of spelling errors/mistranslated garble mixed in with the complete lack of any real driving force leaves the game in a solid "tolerable" state.

If the error however is on my part and there is a way to progress please inform me so that I may say the required amount of hail marys for my sins.

Well I just recently updated all of the text so I fixed the typos and weird dialogue. Did yu just recently download this? Or before the update?


It would have been a full 24 hours before I posted the video, so there's a good chance that I missed your update. Though I'm glad to hear that you are taking feedback and putting the legwork in, you don't see that much in the indie game scene. Not to be a cheaty McCheaterson but is there a way to progress beyond the point I reached? Mostly because I spent literally 2 hours clicking every single tile I could in the entire space I was given and was unable to get any further but I would like to complete it just for completion sake.

Tell me what problem you are experiencing.

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This game is very beautiful and has an interesting storyline so far but I cam across and error in the game as shown in the video above. I believe that the game lasts longer than what I have played so far but when I rebooted the game and played it again while opting for the same exact choices, it still showed me error. For now, since I believe that I have not fully ocmpleted the game yet, some improvements could be fixing a few spelling errors in the game and fixing some grammatical errors in the game as well. Moreover, I hope the creator can solve the issue that I have faced in the game.

Thank you for reading my comment. I wish you good luck in your future endeavours.

Thanks for the video. I will fix it right away.

Fixed now ^^

After the Mirror it crashes.due to a sound file missing other wise good jump scares interesting story a few glitches here and there and grammer issue. but the game play is good

Thanks. Show me a screenshot of the error please. I'll fix it right away.

I'll need a screenshot or video showing the error please so I can get to fixing that error.

yeah sorry ill get on it been busy of late should have known better and taken one at the time

Thanks for the tip. I'll look into this again x3

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Fixed the error now ^^